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Videos of the stud

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It includes the videos we broadcast live from our Facebook profile.
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Sessions of the neonatal imprinting technique applied by the expert Carlos Ponferrada Abrisqueta, veterinarian and professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Córdoba (Spain) and his students.

It is based on the method of Dr. Robert M. Miller (Californian veterinarian) and his work: "Imprint Training of the new born foal". Imprint Training of the new born foal", i.e. the training of the new born foal. NIt is not the only method, since each one can use his own, taking into account a series of fundamental concepts.

The videos (that add up to a total of 2h approximately) are the sessions of the first three days of life of a foal (a video per day).

We would like to thank Carlos Ponferrada and his students for their "good work", their time and for having thought of our stud to be able to carry out these sessions. Click here to view his youtube channel and see many more interesting contents.

horses sold

Playlist of some horses sold in recent years.