If you are considering buying from our stud, please contact us directly without obligation.


If you are considering buying from our stud, you may be asking yourself some of these questions. We try to solve some of them, but it is better to contact us directly without obligation.


What is your normal purchasing process?

Normally, whoever contacts us with an interest in a horse, we first ask what their needs are, "what are you looking for", in order to be able to guide them and offer them the horse or horses that best suit their needs. In case we consider that we have one possible horse, we will provide you with all the information about it.

If you finally decide to buy the horse or horses, a sales contract is provided which, if you agree to the clauses, will be signed by both parties.

Among them, a form of payment and a date of withdrawal of the horse from the stud is established with the means of transport chosen and contracted by the buyer.

An invoice will be issued for the purchase and sale. It will reflect the 21% VAT on the price of the horse if the buyer's country of origin is within the European Union; in the case of having a VAT code or coming from a non-EU country, the amount of the tax will not be increased on the invoice as it is exempt.

Once 100% of the amount established in the contract has been paid, the horse may leave the installations for its new home.


From what moment is the horse mine?

It is customary in our stud at least to offer the possibility that the buyer can pay a "deposit" or "reservation" (also called "signal") of the horse to secure the purchase, so that the seller (we) cannot sell it to another buyer. As reflected in one of the clauses of the contract, from that moment on, the horse becomes the property of the buyer, with all that this entails, rights and duties, which are also reflected in the contract.


What part of the process are you in charge of?

In addition to helping the buyer with his needs, the processing of the necessary "transport guide" (TRACES in the case of foreign countries) for the transfer of the horse to the competent authorities will be carried out jointly with the transport company chosen by the buyer - or with himself if he is the one carrying out the transport.

The process of the change of ownership has to be carried out by the buyer, but we are pleased to assist in its processing upon request.


If we don't have transportation and/or a veterinarian, do you provide one?

Among the clauses of the contract, it is offered the possibility that the buyer can hire a veterinarian of his confidence to perform, if desired, a pre-purchase examination.

Although these are two services that the buyer chooses and hires, if he does not have one of them, we offer the contact and the possibility of requesting budgets so that he can choose the one that best suits him.


Do you offer boarding after the purchase?

In one of the clauses of the sales contract, it is established the possibility that the buyer, if he wishes, can leave the purchased horse in our facilities, establishing a price of pupilage and a new date of withdrawal.

In case you want to have a specific training, options to contract such service for an additional cost that will also be reflected in the mentioned contract.

The buyer will always pay for both services before the horse(s) leaves the installations.


What documentation do I need to have a PRE horse in my name?

To have a PRE horse to your name, you must meet two requirements:

  • To have the original Ownership Card in your possession, signed by the seller (us) and the buyer (you) in order to request a change of ownership from the National Association of Spanish Horse Breeders (ANCCE).
  • Having a "breeder code" issued by that association, either as an "owner" (the most common) or as a "breeder".

If you do not have this code, we can help you to carry out the pertinent procedures in order to request it from ANCCE and, once the purchase process has been completed, you can request a change of ownership.

Once you have both and the change is processed by ANCCE, the latter will send you a new Ownership Card for the horse already to your name.

You have more information on the website of the LG ANCCE.



The contract of sale is governed in each and every one of its ends by Spanish law.