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Lidwine timmermans

About 7 years ago I went to visit Yeguada Yeguada Juan Díaz Navarro for the first time with a friend. First we visited Sicab in Seville where we had an appointment to meet Lucía.
A few days later we went to her stud, where we were received very openly and with love and hospitality. They showed us some horses and we were able to go out in the field with the mares and foals.
All these horses were so lovely, relaxed and well behaved! Normally in a herd you would expect some stress or mothers wanting to protect their foals. But none of that - they all came to welcome us very kindly and asked for petting and cuddles!
Of course we did! And it was hard to escape...we just couldn't stop being there with the horses.
It was a great day where we also met Lucia's parents and they spoiled us with their homemade olives. 😀
A few years later I went back with my husband. Again to visit and see the horses, but also to see my friend Lucia again. We kept in touch and shared our horse talks. I learned more about breeding, grooming and other things.
The hospitality, the honesty, but most important to me is the love they have and feel for their horses! They also treat them with great respect, they know each horse not only by name, but also who that horse is...like they would know a person. All of this shows in the character and behavior of the horses. All honest, beautiful and well mannered.

If I have the opportunity to have a horse again, I have no doubt where to buy it. It will be with these beautiful people who breed not only for money but with their hearts in the right place...❤

Lidwine Timmermans


Elisabeth Ruiz (Spain)

(...) this is the photo of the horse they had from your stud. He was Serrano VIII (by Honrado IV), with a great character and previous offspring; they bought him when he was 12/13 years old and he was with them until they gave up the hobby, and he passed away when he was already old, peacefully... A very good horse, one of those that made my boyfriend (14 years old at the time) and the rest of his family enjoy. Greetings and congratulations for such an excellent stud! Elisabeth Ruiz (Spain)

Silvia Foco

The first time I visited the stud farm was in 2010, after seeing some pictures on Facebook where they showed wonderful horses and put a lot of effort in presenting them. I loved the place, among a sea of olive trees. I saw two litters of foals, but when Imán DN came out on the track, my heart told me 'it's your horse'. I have never met such a noble horse. What I like is that DN horses relate very well to people. DN horses are 'people'. Confident and polite....

Antonio Cuenca (Spain)

What to say about the stud farm D. Juan Díaz Navarro, the oldest in the province of Jaén. It is a pleasure for the fans of the PRE to see from the road that passes through the door of the farm those beautiful mares with their loose dredges in the enclosure. Entering the cortijo and the unbeatable treatment with which the owners welcome you. See those magnificent horses that are raised there. The passion and affection with which the horses are treated. The truth is a pleasure to have been in the stud. Thank you very much for everything ....

Julia Pernice (Germany)

We will never forget the exciting trip we made to the south of Spain to look for our 3 mares, we don't regret it either and we are still in contact with each other often after 11 years. Julia Pernice (Germany)

Pauline Helle (UK)

I read the history of her stud and was so moved that I saved the Labradora DN file to always keep with her. It was good to be able to understand the "brand" and the beginnings of it all, I love it and will treasure this information. Now I also realize why you called Labradora DN: "Farmer" in English. She too has proven to be so exceptional, we care so much about each other. The farmers are exceptional, keeping in touch, and have been very supportive. I have had...

Karol Glinský (Slovakia)

In 2013 I was advised to buy a horse for historical reenactment at the Yeguada Juan Díaz Navarro. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Together I bought three horses from Yeguada Juan Díaz Navarro and all three remain a constant source of joy and happiness for everyone around them. All three horses have an incredible character, they are healthy, strong, vital and perfect for all types of riding. They amaze everyone who meets them. From the farrier to the...

Mona Strasser (Austria)

I can really recommend the stud Juan Díaz Navarro and the horses to everyone who is looking for a noble, gentle, brave and beautiful horse with a totally clear head. I am from Austria and I could say that it is difficult to buy a horse at this distance, but not so with this stud.I got all the information I wanted (photos, videos, etc.).I was able to visit the stud and really see them and it was one of the best trips I have ever had!I would have also bought the horse without seeing it. The horses...

Lena Pena (Slovakia)

I have worked with several horses from this stud, and all were very pleasant, noble and easy to work with. Genuinely curious but not skittish, they never showed aggressive signs towards any living creature. First, it was my stallion Husar VI, who was simply a gentleman. Then we had a mare (Laboriosa DN) and currently I have her offspring (a male) "Fuego", in training. Several people from my country became interested and bought horses from the stud later, for their...

Seba Campos (Spain)

A great stud and a great family, exceptional treatment. We bought Solera DN and we are enjoying her with the whole family, she has an impressive way of being, intelligent and noble. Seba Campos (Spain)