Juan Díaz Navarro Broodmare

Purebred Spanish Horses (PRE)
A whole life devoted to its NOBILITY.

Member of the Pure Bred Spanish Horses Association (ANCCE).
Since 1970, we have been devoted to the breeding of Pure Bred Spanish horses of Carthusian origin.
Oldest breeder in the Andalusian province of Jaén (Spain).

Our aim is to combine:

“All the Spanish people have always given preference to the Spanish horse and have considered it to be the first one of all the horses for riding in reason of its agility, springs and natural cadence. It has been estimated like the most proper for the square and for the splendor and the stop, for its gallantry, grace and nobility; and it is the most appropiate for war in a day of action, as well as for its huge spirit, as for its great docility.
The Spanish horse is the most worth being mounted by a king in the days of victory”.
François Robinchon de la Gueriniere (XVIIIth century)